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“I Love my Caliph, But He’ll Never Know” By Syed Talay Ahmad


Today’s Friday Sermon of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih Vaba was on the martyrdom of Syed Talay Ahmad Sahib who was recently martyred in Africa. Every word of today’s Khutbah moved people to tears. During the Sermon Huzooraba said that a few years ago, Syed Talay Ahmad wrote a poem in which he expressed his love for Khilafat. He started the poem by saying that he loved Huzooraba the most, and he ended by saying that perhaps Huzooraba would never know how much he loved him. Huzooraba said that even before Syed Talay Ahmad’s last words, he knew how much Syed Talay Ahmad loved him when he was filming with his camera, and even when he met him without his camera. He could tell from the sparkle in his eyes and the light on his face, indeed from his every action, Huzooraba was aware of the love that Syed Talay Ahmad had for him.

Below we produce Syed Talay Ahmad Sahib’s poem.

“I love my Caliph more than the others,

They only love, I’m only his lover.

They crawl to his hand from far icy coasts,

A wonderful host, supported by hosts.

As mountains migrate for prophets and kings,

When heaven comes near, they see him and sing.

My silence might grate but I love him more,

Whole with holiness as my soothed soul soars.

When they see his face they weep and they cry,

My heart beats to tears but my eyes are dry.

But by God’s promise I’m able to boast,

I swear I can prove I love him the most.

They truthfully tell, disclosing their love,

Humble, he blushes, embarrassed enough.

For his weary eyes, here surely prefer,

Durood and takbirs, Allahu Akbar!

So their cue of lovers ends at this line,

I keep my secret for his sake not mine.

The lamp in my night, forever aglow,

I love my Caliph, but he’ll never know.”

By Syed Talay Ahmad (Shaheed)

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