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Meet the Young British Teenagers Eager to Seek the Guidance of their Khalifah


Today at the Darul Aman Mosque in Manchester dozens of Ahmadi Muslim Youth had the opportunity to have a virtual Mulaqat with Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih Vaba. The group of young Khuddam between the ages of 16-19 were mostly from the North of the UK.

Speaking to a lot the Khuddam still in their educational years, we found them eager to seek the guidance of Huzooraba in many ways. Some had prepared questions to seek guidance on their studies, whilst others had theological questions—all knew the value of Huzoor’saba words. This is the third virtual Mulaqat of Khuddam this year with the first two taking place the previous weekend in Baitul Futuh and Birmingham.

Tanzeel Ahmad from Bolton had a question to present before Huzooraba in relation to Durood Shareef. This was Tanzeel’s first Mulaqat since becoming a Khadim and he is currently doing his A-levels. One Khadim after the other explained to us how important gaining Huzoor’s wisdom was. Before the Mulaqat Tanzeel said:

“Everyone wishes to gain nearness to the Holy Prophetsa and I want to seek Huzoor’s guidance on how we can gain his nearness, especially since it is the Khuddamul Ahmadiyya theme for this year.”

            Azib Imran, also of similar age, told us he wanted to be part of this Mulaqat so that he could become a better Ahmadi Muslim. A lot of the Khuddam were born in the UK and despite being raised in a materialistic society they told us that society should turn towards the Khalifatul-Masih for advice and guidance since he is a Man of God. Some such as Hamza Ahmad, who is starting Jamia next month, expressed that he has always been drawn towards the Khalifah of the Time and wishes to serve him as a Murrabi and has never felt inclined towards a non-waqfe profession.

A Khadim presenting a question before Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (aba) at today’s Mulaqat.

A lot  of Khuddam were greatly moved by the Friday Sermon delivered at the martyrdom of Syed Talay Sahib and had questions that revolved around martyrdom.

Takreem Ahmad from Bradford, who had the opportunity to do Tilawat in the Mulaqat said:

“My entire life has been guided by Huzooraba as a waqf, Huzoor instructed I go into medicine instead of Jamia and since I have started my studies my sense of duty to the Jama’at has only increased.”

With the National Khuddam Ijtema coming up next weekend, many Khuddam were excited at the prospect of attending the Ijtema after the pandemic. Undoubtedly, whenever the Ijtema takes place these youngsters are at the forefront in registering their interest and travelling from all around the country to attend.

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