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By Dr.Tahir Mirza


Scientists are astonished by the completeness and accuracy of the system of the universe. Every particle in the universe is playing a role in the sustainability of the system. Thus, the Creator of the universe must contain the highest level of analytical and logical abilities. Still, there are many aspects of the system of the universe unknown and incomprehensible to scientists. Such complex and complicated aspects of the system of the universe are never referred to as non-sense. On the contrary, it is a lack of knowledge and wisdom that prevents scientists from understanding.

We as Ahmadi Muslims believe that Allah Almighty has created this universe according to our needs. He also guided us on how to live our life through religion. God has said in the Holy Quran, that Islam is the best of religions.

The point to ponder over is that if his first creation which is the universe is founded on the highest level of logical and analytical principles then the guidelines, i.e. religion, must follow similar doctrines. And if we cannot comprehend something, it is mere lack of our knowledge and wisdom, and soon the reasonable aspect will be revealed to us when increasing our knowledge.

The guideline given to us in the religion of Islam is to connect us to the creator. Our success is in following the guidelines. Allah Almighty guided us on how to progress from our natural state to a moral state and from a moral state to a spiritual state. From the societal point of view, Islam is all about maintaining the highest level of morality in society. There are several dos and don’ts given in the guideline which are just like rules and regulations to maintain the government of a country. The dos and don’ts in the Islamic guidelines not only help us to progress as a strong, successful and blessed human being but also help the society to reach such a level morality where everyone enjoys equality and timely marriage. The reasoning given in the above paragraphs presents a hypothesis that if the creator of the universe and religion is the same then the solution of our daily struggles must be available in an understandable and logical way.

The journey from our childhood to youth also brings puberty, where we are attracted to the opposite sex due to the hormonal changes in our body. Should we follow our natural state by dating (i.e., an illicit relationship) or follow the prescription in the guideline which is when you reach the age of adulthood, you should get married.

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