Al Wasiyyat Roohani Khaza’in – Writings of the Promised Messiah (as)

“Hearken ye who have ears to hear: What is it that Allah requires of you? Only this that you should become His alone and set up no equal with Him, neither on this earth nor in heaven. Our God is the One Who is alive today as much as He ever was. Likewise, He speaks today as He did in the past; He hears as He used to hear. To think that He only listens but does not speak in this age is a vain belief. Indeed, He both hears and speaks. All His attributes are eternal and everlasting. None of his attributes were ever suspended, nor will they ever be. He is the same Unique Being Who has no associate. He has neither son nor wife, and He is the same Eternal Being Who is peerless, and there is none like unto Him…….. There is no one similar to Him in His attributes; none of His powers ever wane. He is near, yet far; distant, yet close…….. He is the Highest of the high, yet it cannot be said that there is anyone below Him (farther than He). He is in Heaven, but it cannot be said that He is not on earth. He combines in Himself all the most perfect attributes and manifests the virtues which are truly worthy of praise. He is the Fountainhead of all excellence. He is the All Powerful. Everything good originates from Him and to Him all things return. All possessions belong to Him, and in Him all excellences combine. He is free from blemish, without weakness. He is Unique in His right to be worshipped by all who dwell on the earth or belong to heaven.“



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