Bring a friend to the Mosque – In Every Mosque across Canada

The Bring a Friend to the Mosque campaign was launched by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canadain the month of December. The purpose of this campaign was to encourage Khuddam to bring their friends to the mosque.

This was done in a unique and creative way, with a simple, elegant flyer, that would be attractive to non-Muslim audiences. Khuddam all across Canada were motivated and connected with their Tabligh contacts encouraging them to attend these programs.

By the grace of Allah, 10 events were held across Canada with dozens of guests attending different events. Alhamdulilah the media coverage and response received for this campaign was ground-breaking and historic. This became a national story across Canada. The final media report numbers are below:


Total News Coverages Across Canada (Including 14 stories in French)


TV Coverages


Radio Coverages


Newspaper/Online Coverages

+12.5 Million

Overall Estimated Reach

Some prominent news outlets include: CTV National, CP24, Toronto Star, Yahoo News, National Post, CBC News Toronto and many others. One family of 8 Muslims in London, ON, attended the Bring a Friend to the Mosque campaign program, and accepted Islam Ahmadiyyat. Alhamdulilah! This family did bai’at on January 4, 2024. May Allah enable them to remain steadfast on the path of truthfulness and righteousness. Ameen!



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