His Holiness(AA) quoted the Promised Messiah(AS) about the true essence of Ramadan, which is to lessen one form of sustenance that satiates the physical body and increase another form of sustenance which satiates the soul. Fasting is not about remaining hungry, rather it is to give an increased opportunity to focus on increased worship. Those who worship for the sake of God, not as a mere exercise should also remain occupied in worship and the remembrance of Allah so that they may attain the true purpose. The heart should always remain occupied in the remembrance of Allah.

His Holiness(AA) said that an important prayer which we can always recite is a prayer which was revealed to the Promised Messiah(AA) – ‘Holy is Allah and worthy of all praise, Holy is Allah the Great. O Allah, bestow Your blessings on Muhammad(sa) and the people of Muhammad(sa). ’ These are the paths of righteousness which can lead to the acceptance of prayer.



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