His Holiness(aba)said: ‘At this time, I wish to make an appeal for prayers regarding the current situation in the world. Now, some journalists in the west, or even in America have written in their newspapers, that there should be a limit to revenge. Furthermore, America and other western countries should play their parts in[preventing]the Israel/Hamas War, and try to reconcile or reach a ceasefire. But the authors also write that it seems that, instead of stopping this war, they are hell bent on fanning the flames.

Just the same, it was in the news in America yesterday that one of the top foreign ministers handed in his resignation saying we have crossed the limits, injustice is being done to the innocent people of Palestine, and the world powers should pay heed to this matter. Thus, there are still those who are honorable among these people. Furthermore, Jewish Rabbis also appear in the media from time to time, speaking in favor [of Palestine] and are condemning the oppression. Russia’s Foreign Affairs minister also stated, that if countries keep behaving in this manner, then this war will spread to the entire region rather, I think that it will spread to the entire world.

Thus, these people need to come to their senses. As I have said before, the Muslim countries must unite as one, with one voice. If they speak as one voice (it is said thatthereare53or54countries),they will become a powerful force in the world, and they will have a stronger impact, otherwise individual voices here and there are of no consequence.

This is one of the ways to establish peace in the world and end this war. Thus, to save the world from destruction, Muslims countries must strive to fulfill their role, may Allah enable them to do so.

Nevertheless, we must also fervently pray. May Allah end this war and protect the innocent, oppressed Palestinians so that they are not subjected to further injustices, and may Allah end all injustice in the world, wherever it is. May Allah enable us to pray.’


His Holiness(aba)said that in light of the current conditions of the world, he wishes to draw attention towards prayers once again. As a result of the war between Hamas and Israel, the number of innocent Palestinian women and children losing their lives is increasing. The manner in which this war is progressing and the policies which Israel and other big powers are enacting make a world war an imminent reality.

Now, even the leaders of some Muslim nations, Russia, China, and other commentators have started openly saying that this war is only getting worse. If a wise policy is not implemented immediately, then the world will be destroyed.

Everything is being relayed on the new sand the reality is before every one. As such, Ahmadis must especially focus on prayers. They should not become relaxed. At least one prostration a day should be dedicated to praying for this situation.

His Holiness (aba) said that the leaders of the Western nations do not wish to act with justice regarding this situation, nor do they have the courage to speak up. Ahmadis should not get caught up in debates about which countries have good leaders and which do not, what they should say or not say. These are all futile conversations. Until someone does not stand up with courage to try and bring an end to this war then they are responsible for leading the world towards destruction.

His Holiness(aba)said that along with prayers, everyone should try and create an atmosphere of spreading the message that injustices must be brought to an end. Ahmadis should try to relay this message to anyone they have connections with.

This is true courage, and this is the standard of acting according to the commands of Allah. His Holiness(aba)said that Israel says that they will retaliate after Hamas attacked their people. How ever now, this retaliation has crossed all limits. Four to five times more Palestinian lives have been lost as compared to the number of Israeli lives lost. If they wish to end Hamas, as they claim, then they should fight with them. Why are they making women and children their target? They have also hindered these people from obtaining food and water. This is where the claims of governments of fulfilling the rights of people and following the rules of war falter.

His Holiness (aba) said that there are some who draw attention to these things. Recently, former American President Obama said that if there is to be a war, then it should be in accordance with the rules of war, not taking the lives of the innocent. The Secretary General of the UN also spoke up, to the displeasure of the Israeli government. Those who claim themselves in the world to be champions of peace have not supported the statement of the Secretary General, and in fact have spoken against them.

His Holiness (aba) said that these are dangerous times, and they are only becoming more dangerous. The Western media sensationalizes the reports of one side and fleetingly mentions the other side. For example, recently there was a female hostage who was freed and said that she was treated very well.

However, another statement saying that imprisonment by Hamas was like hell was made the headline. Justice would dictate that the entire situation be presented and the world be left to decide for it self what is just, what is cruel and whether this war is justified or not. what is cruel and whether this war is justified or not.

His Holiness (aba) said that we must pray a great deal and try to spread the message of justice around us. We should pray for the oppressed Muslims, and that Allah enables the Muslim world to take a united stance. We should have a distinct pain for the difficulties of Muslims to be alleviated.

We have accepted the Promised Messiah (as) and despite difficulties being inflicted upon us by other Muslims, we always express our sentiments in their favor as such. ‘O my heart, be mindful of them, for after all, they claim love for my Messenger (sa)’ His Holiness (aba) said that love for the Holy Prophet (sa) demands that we pray a great deal for Muslims. His Holiness (aba) prayed that may Allah enable us to do so, and may He grant understanding to the Muslim world, and the world at large.


His Holiness (aba) again reminded to continue praying for the people of Palestine. Now,atleastsomenonMuslimsandcertainpoliticians,thoughtimidly,have started speaking out against this injustice. Even some Jewish people are separating themselves from these cruelties and have called upon the Israeli government saying that they are disgracing them. Hence, some small voices are being raised.

His Holiness (aba) said that now it is being said that there will be a daily ‘pause’ in the fighting for four hours in order for aid to reach the people of Palestine. Allah the Almighty knows best the degree to which this will be implemented. And Allah knows how much injustice and bombardment will take place against the Palestinians for the remaining20hours.

His Holiness (aba) said that governments and politicians are not giving any importance to the lives of Palestinians. They have their own interests. However, these people should remember that Allah the Almighty gives respite only for a certain time.

Furthermore, this is not the only life to be lived, there is also a hereafter. They can be seized in this world, and they will be in the hereafter. His Holiness (aba) said that we must focus on prayers. May Allah the Almighty help the Palestinians and save them from these injustices.


His Holiness (aba) said that as he has been drawing attention towards prayers for Palestine, he wishes to do the same again today. Everyone should continue praying. Now, the cruelties are exceeding all bounds. In the name of fighting against Hamas, innocent children, women and elders are being killed. This so called civilized world has abandoned any and all rules of war. May Allah the Almighty grant wisdom to the Muslim countries. His Holiness(aba)said that many years ago, Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra), the Second Calipha monished that Muslims must become united.

They should decidewhethertheywishtodieoffonebyoneandindividuals,orwhethertheywant to maintain their existence as a single entity. If only these people would understand this today and become united. His Holiness (aba) said that the situation is such that someone told him people going to perform Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage)are being toldthatoncetheretheycannotmentionanythingregardingIsraelorPalestine.

These are the instructions given by the government when issuing visas. If this is indeed true, then it is an expression of great cowardice on the part of the Muslim government. In any case, the rites of Umrah are important and should be performed. Though nothing can be mentioned whilst there, one should certainly pray. His Holiness (aba) said that even when Muslim nations do raise a voice, it isa very feeble one. Though some have raised their voices, stronger voices have been raised by non Muslims governments.

May Allah develop courage and wisdom amongst the Muslims. His Holiness (aba) saidthattheSecretaryGeneraloftheUNhassaidsomeverygoodthings,butitseems as if his voice is given no importance. It seems that if this war continues and spreads into a world war, then even the UN will not remain. May Allah grant wisdom to the world. His Holiness (aba) said that it seems the world is ushering in its destruction. May Allah grant wisdom to those who remain after this destruction and enable them to turn towards God. In any case, we must pray a great deal in this regard. His Holiness(aba) prayed that may Allah have mercy on the world.



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