(WARS, PANDEMIC, WORLD LEADERS) – Crucial Guidance of Khilafat to the World

As Ahmadi Muslims we are keen to looking towards Khilafat for guidance in various matters of our lives. Whether it’s related to personal issues, world events, spiritual and religious knowledge; Ahmadi Muslims eagerly look forward to answers and guidance from Khalifatul-Masih. Many of us have experienced the sense of relief when we are unsure regarding worldly or spiritual matters and when we receive Huzoor’s guidance and answers to our questions, there is satisfaction that Huzoor’s guidance helps us make decisions that would ultimately lead to Allah’s pleasure and would be beneficial for us.

These matters can range from many complex issues. Some are looking for answers on how to settle marital disputes or issues with in-laws. Others are trying to find guidance in worldly matters such as cryptocurrency allowed, questions about interest, banks, mortgages, etc. Today, many of our youth have questions regarding world events, especially related to the war in Gaza currently happening.

Although many aspects of guidance from Khilafat can be discussed in this article; it would make sense to focus on the most crucial situation the world is currently facing, which is war that can possibly spill over into a wider world war.

On Saturday, March 9th, 2024 Ahmadi Muslims around the world had the opportunity to listen to Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih on the occasion of the Annual Peace Symposium held at Baitul Fatuh Mosque in London. With various leaders from religious communities, representatives from all levels of government, professors, scholars, authorities, and other community leaders present; the Peace Symposium was an ideal platform for world leaders and their representatives to receive direct guidance from the Khalifa. Hazrat Khalifa-tulMasih was very bold and direct in addressing the guests and sharing a message of truth that most leaders would be hesitant to speak out about with fears of backlash.

Regarding the role of the United Nations Huzoor (AA) said:

“The stark reality is that even those institutions founded with the primary objective of maintaining the peace and security of the world are becoming increasingly irrelevant.” Speaking about the United Nations, Huzoor (AA) said: “For example, the UN has become a weak and almost powerless body where a few dominant nations yield all the power and easily override the views of the majority.” Huzoor (AA) said that “Instead of deciding each issue based on its facts and merits, nations have formed alliances and vote according to their self-interest.” “Ultimately, critical decisions are made by a few privileged nations, in whose hands rests the veto power. Instead of faithfully serving the cause of peace and justice, they wield their veto like a trump card, whenever their narrow interests are threatened.” “Let it be clear, therefore, that where a Veto power exists, the scales of justice can never be balanced.”

Huzoor (AA) spoke about the clear failure of the United Nations in carrying out its responsibilities of maintaining peace and security of the world. The Prophet Muhammad (SA) has said that one of the biggest forms of Jihad a Muslim can carry out is to speak a word of truth to their leaders. And this is exactly what Huzoor (AA) has done and continues to do every opportunity he gets.

Huzoor’s (AA) message at this year’s Peace Symposium was clear to world leaders as to the role Jama’at plays in the current world situation:

“Certainly, if weaker nations or individuals like myself who have no political affiliation try to speak up, it is rarely appreciated, and those who do can face difficulties or risk sanctions. Despite this, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, based on the teachings of Islam, continues and will always continue to strive earnestly in the cause of peace and champion the rights of those who are powerless and are the victims of injustice.”

On another occasion Huzoor (AA) highlighted the love and compassion towards humanity that is expected from Ahmadi Muslims. Huzoor (AA) said: “Whilst worldly leaders have secular goals, the purpose of Khilafat is to draw the attention of all people towards fulfilling each other’s rights…” During the International Conference of the charity Humanity First, Huzoor (AA) said: “Stand ever ready to wipe away the tears of those who are in distress or hurting in any way.”

If the world was to follow this advice, we would never witness the levels of injustices, conflict, and wars we are currently seeing. Regarding the current Middle East conflict in Gaza, Huzoor (AA) has been one of the most vocal religious leaders to openly criticize the injustices being carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people.

Huzoor (AA) has said regarding this conflict: “The cruelty of the Israelis is progressively increasing. Indeed, many people who had previously offered their support are now turning against them. Those countries who remain silent are actually assisting with this cruelty… the situation in Gaza is getting worse and worse. We see that innocent children, women and the elderly are being killed on a daily basis..”

Huzoor (AA) has been giving a series of sermons about the double standard of Western Powers in committing injustices against weaker nations. In a Friday sermon on October 13th, 2023 Huzoor (AA) brought to light these injustices by quoting the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK who said:

“If true justice were to be established, then such things would not transpire; if major powers did not have double standards, then such restlessness & warfare in the world could never happen.” Khalifatul-Masih has given world leaders crucial guidance in the current situation. I end this article with a message of hope and a simple method provided by Islam to solve the current world conflicts.

Huzoor said: “Islam instructs Muslims to emulate, to the best of their abilities, the attributes of God. A golden principle given by the Founder of Islam (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is that a true Muslim should like for others, what he likes for himself. I believe that this simple and profound point, if acted upon, not just by Muslims, but by all people, is the means for everlasting peace in society.” We hope and pray in the following words of Huzoor (AA) that may Allah make Khilafat a means of peace and security for all of humanity: “May God protect and safeguard the world from self-destruction and calamity. May peace prevail and may the world be saved from all forms of war and terror.”



Murabbi Umair A. Khan

Murabbi Umair A. Khan

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