Words ot the Promised Messiah (AS) Nafsi Mutma’innah – The Soul at Rest

The third source which should be described as the beginning of the spiritual state of man is called by the Holy Quran Nafsi Mutma’innah, that is to say, the soulatrest, asissaid:

“O soul at rest that has found comfort in God return to thy Lord, thou well pleased with Him and He well pleased with you. Now join My chosen servants and enter My garden.“

Thisisthe stagewhen the soul of a person being delivered from all weaknesses is filled with spiritual powers and establishes a relationship with God Almighty without Whose supportitcannot exist.

As water flowing down from a height, on account of its volume and the absence of any obstruction, rushes with great force, in the same way the soulat rest flows towards God. That is indicated by the divine direction to the soul that hasfound comfort in God to return to its Lord.

It undergoes a great transformation in this very life and is bestowed a paradise while still in this world. As this verse indicates in its direction to such a soul to return to its Lord, it is nourished by itsLord and its love of God becomes its nurture,and it drinksat this fountain of life and is thus delivered fromdeath.




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