Guidance from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aa) – 20th February

“20th February is the day when the Promised Messiah, having received the news from God, foretold the birth of a son and published an announcement to that effect. This announcement mentioned various attributes of the Promised Son and was published on 20 February 1886. It is in this context that we hold celebrations on 20th February, or on an alternate date if this date is unfeasible. We celebrate Musleh Mau‘ūd Day and hold Jalsas in celebration of the fulfilment of a great prophecy, and not to celebrate the birth of Hadrat Bashirdu-Din Mahmood Ahmad, Hadrat Khalīfatul Masīh II. I thought it necessary to explain this because some young people sometimes ask why, when we celebrate Musleh Mau‘ūd Day, do we not celebrate the birthdays of other Khalīfas. So it should be clear that this day is not the birthday of Hadrat Musleh Mau‘ud, who was born on 12 January 1989.“



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