Words of the Promised Messiah (AS) – True Prayer

At this point, when a person’s soul is humbled to the state of complete self effacement, it begins to flow towards God in the form of a running spring and it becomes completely detached from all other relations beside Allah. At that time, the love of God Almighty descends upon such a person. At the time of this union, a unique condition is born through two surges of fervour: the fervour of providence surges forth from above and the fervour of man’s servitude surges forth from below.

This phenomenon is known as salat or Prayer. It is this very Prayer which incinerates evil, and leaves behind a divine light and brilliance in its stead, so that this may serve as a shining lamp for the seeker on their path in the face of dangers and perils; and so that it may show a seeker all the rubbish, debris, thorns and stones that may obstruct their way, thus safe guarding them. It is in this state that the verse:


(Surely, Prayer restrains one from indecency and manifest evil)



becomesapplicable, because notin their hand,rather, in the niche oftheir heartisa shining lamp. Thisrankisattained through utmost humility, through complete self- effacement, through lowliness and absolute obedience. How then can such an individual even think of sin? Such a one can never disbelieve, nor turn their gaze towards indecency. Therefore, such an individual experiences such pleasure and such satisfaction that I am at a loss for words to explain it fully.

(Malfuzat Vol 1, pp. 162-163)



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